Innovative and unique technology, which protects against electro smog.

Ceraqion Technology is a unique invention which, due to the properties of water ‘frozen’ in the microstructures of porous ceramics, shields and absorbs up to 99% of low frequency electric fields.

The technology works similarly to the way the human body functions. The human body is made up of up to 70% water, which absorbs electric fields. The radiation, once absorbed causes an increase in body temperature, which prevents the cells natural repair and regeneration natural process during sleep. Ceraqion technology uses water molecules to absorb this harmful radiation, which is then converted into harmless heat, imperceptible to the human body.

Thanks to the dielectric* properties (*very light conduction of the electric current) of the materials used, Ceraqion effectively absorbs the harmful fields without the need for grounding.

Distribution of electric fields before and after the Ceraqion technology has been applied

Figure 1. The intensity of the electric fields emitted by a live electrical wire covered with a non-absorbing material.

Figure 2. After the emission source (electric wire) has been covered with the Ceraqion Technology coated material, the electric fields significantly decreased.

About the inventor

Ceraqion Technology is an innovative formula invented by Dr. Eng. Stanislaw Wosiński, a Polish scientist and constructor. Dr. Wosiński (b. 1960) graduated from the Poznan University of Technology, where he specialised in the field of plastics.

He received his Doctorate degree in Materials Science and then devoted his career to study the properties of water and ceramics, subjects that have fascinated him for a long time. As a result, Dr. Wosinski has developed an award winning innovative technology, which absorbs electric fields in the low frequency range.

A breakthrough in the protection against electro smog.

The technology developed by Dr. Wosiński transpired to be a real breakthrough in the field of EMF shielding.

It screens while allowing for the Earth’s natural static electromagnetic field, which is beneficial for the human body to still function. NoEM selectively absorbs the most harmful range of frequencies, however, will not interfere with the functioning of communication devices such as Wi-Fi and mobile phones. Ceraqion is a fully ecological solution, based on the natural characteristics of the ceramics in water.

The invention has gained recognition internationally and has received numerous awards including, a Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, a Special Prize at the Institute of European Cooperation and a medal from The Marie Currie-Sklodowska University. Ceraqion technology is patented – no. 221223.

The unique properties of Ceraqion technology were brought together by the inventor and the Selena group to develop NoEM Electro Protector.

Medals and Awards

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